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Pen Portraits


A range of products have been developed using the findings to support staff to identify older people who are at risk from being cold and plan and provide services to help them.

Pen Portraits

The products are all based on six groups of vulnerable older people who have been identified as being at risk of being cold for different reasons. Each group represents a ‘segment’ of older people in society and contains people who share a combination of factors which influence them in keeping warm. For each group a pen portrait has been developed. The six pen portraits are not real people but are case studies which summarise and illustrate the experience and situations of older people at risk of being cold. Across the board we have found that all these groups are poorly informed about some aspect of keeping warm.

The KWILLT Segmentation Model  and Pen Portraits;

Click on each name to access the Pen Portrait

Segmentation Group

Pen Portrait Name


Isolated and not wanting

to cause a bother



Low income household and fuel poor, over 55, socially isolated and frightened, lacks information and understanding about keeping warm, private rented housing, long term mental health problems (depressions/anxiety)

Getting by cautiously

Ben and Joan

Low income household and fuel poor, over 65, some social connections but not well informed about keeping warm, privately owned house, one partner has chronic health problems

Dependent and poorly



Low income household and fuel poor, over 55, limited social connections, poorly informed about keeping warm, privately owned housing, poor health and mobility and very dependent on close family.

Just about managing


Can pay for home heating but values thrift , over 70, some social connections but is private and trusts few people so is poorly informed about keeping warm, social housing, physical health problems and sensory impairment

Lonely and out of touch


Financially secure but lives in a cold home, over 70, widowed, and socially isolated, poorly informed about keeping warm, privately owned house, physically well but bereaved

Proud and wants to be 

self sufficient


Low income but not fuel poor, over 70, regular but superficial social connections, poorly informed but values stoicism and hardiness and thinks he doesn’t need any help, social housing, good health, minor ailments.


E-Learning Resource

An e-learning resource is currently under development.  Once available you will be able to access them here.  There will be 6 e-learning resources related to each pen portrait, each one will be multi-purpose and adaptable for use at different levels depending on the organisation/ learners needs e.g.

a.    as part of a University course

b.    as part of another course

c.    as a stand alone tool for completion by organisational staff e.g. domiciliary care organisations

d.    as a stand alone self-directed learning module with reflective questions for the learner to complete.

Each short resource will incorporate a short story about the key elements of the pen portraits and some reflective questions for learners to consider how they come across the segments in their day to day role and how they could help them.

Pen Portrait Films

Three of the pen portraits have been developed into short films.  These films consolidate information from the text of the pen portraits in a visual way.  The films will be supported by reflective questions in order for them to be used in training sessions and encourage staff to consider how they could help people like Ben and Joan, Fred and Pat. These films are an excellent way of discovering more about the attitudes, histories and daily lives of the pen portraits. Click on the links below to view the films.



Ben and Joan




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